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Bachelor of Architectural Studies (Cape Town) Bachelor of Architecture (Cape Town) Dip. UD with distinction (Oxford Brookes University) M.A in UD with distinction (Oxford Brookes University)

Steve Thorne is an architect and urban designer and currently holds the position of Managing Director of Design Urban Pty Ltd. He has 25 years practical experience working in Australia, the United Kingdom, South Africa and the Czech Republic. He has worked in both the private and public sectors and has established two practices, in Johannesburg and Melbourne. He has held various positions including:

Experience includes designing and constructing buildings at varying scales (up to 200,000 square metres in area), the design and documentation of urban spaces, the sustainable urban design at the scale of the city to individual site master planning, preparing structure plans, writing performance-based policy and prescriptive design guidelines, “safety by design” policy, teaching and training in sustainable urban design practice. Steve is also a practitioner of the Inquiry by Design process, where design processes include local community and stakeholder participation to arrive at consensus driven designs.

Steve sits and has sat on a number of professional review panels including the Docklands Authority Design Review Panel, the Victorian Government Design Advisory Council (VDAC), the Rouse Hill Design Project Review Panel, The Geelong Waterfront Design Review Panel and the Port Adelaide Design Review Panel. He has been appointed to the Urban Design Panel of the Urban Planning Council of Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates. He has been a speaker at many professional and industry conferences on sustainable urbanism, design, urban structure, community safety, and transit-oriented development. He has led an urban design training programme for the New Zealand Ministry of the Environment as part of the implementation of the New Zealand Urban Design Protocol.

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